2017 Official Selections

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A Different Playing Field – James Lindsay

A Stupid Idea – Suzin  Daly

ABSORBED – Jason Van Sickel

ALDA – Franklin Henriksen

Alejandro – Jesus Pasos

All Clear – Cody Autterson

All the Wrong Friends – Mark Kerins

Alternative Math – David Maddox

An Evening with Tony – Cameron Martinez

Arcanum – Herbert Moran

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters – Daniel Rosales

Avarice – Scott McEntire


B17 Domination From Above – Mel Strait

Baba Yaga – Cydney Cox

Backstage Webseries – Lauren Johnson

Bag Full of Trouble – Nate Jones, Roy Nugen, Gina Nugen

Battleground – Xander McCabe

Beatrice Brought Dessert – Lauren Young, Emma Radest

Beneath the Surface – Michael Trainotti

Bienvenidos – JAVIER FESSER

Black Out – Angie Zambrano

Blackmail – Stephen Burhoe

Bob & Scooter’s Epic Day – Robb Hudspeth

Bombing – Gloria R Mercer

Boris and Igor – Linda Niksic

Born Again – Jason Tostevin

Brady’s Lot – Eric Hanson

Brick by Brick – Louie McClain

Butterfly – Jason Habel

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Carghost – Jesse Orrall

Casting – Dino May

(Cereal)ously – Michael Acosta

Chasing Grace – Julia Barnett

Choices – Rick Hamilton

Consume – Bryan Starr

Corporate Shenanigans – Charles A. Bush

Creatures of God – Sandy Parker

Cricket – Cydney Cox

Cross Paths – Syd Goin

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Dad vs. Lad – Ed Vela

Daffodil – Kenneth Heidt

Dana’s Story – Huey Rawls

Deadpoint – Matthew Herbertz

Dear Anima – Robin Lu Shieh

Devil’s Work – Denise Olusala

Diva’s Perfect Posse: Ep. 1.1 Perfect Pumps – Stephen Burhoe

Don’t Let the Light In – Jaysen P. Buterin

Driver’s Ed – Chase Norman

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Elijah’s Ashes – Ryan Barton-Grimley

Endangered!!! – Lorraine Portman

Erma Johnson Hadley, Changing Lives – Linda Stogner

Ether – Kayvon Saremi

Eureka – Oliver Ortiz

Every Tuesday – Lisa Belcher

Evocation of a Nightmare – Wally Chung

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Falling South – Lorraine Portman

Fate of Revenge – Elias Moreno

Fly (The Making of Under Your Wing) – James Christopher

Fog – Jacinthe Dessureault

For better or for worse – Rembert Evenepoel

Frazier Park Recut – Tyler Schnabel, Sam Hanover

FREE – Miguel Romero

Free Harlista – Hunter Williams

Frontier Innocence  – Shay McCleavy

FUN BOX – Zachary Baker

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Ghost Note – Troy Hart

Given Circumstances – Nicole  Simmons

Gold Mountain – Kerwin Berk

Gonzales: Come and Take It! – Andy Galloway

Graveshadow ‘Lycan Lust’ – Clifford Allen

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Hack to Sack – Gregory Pruden

Has Been – Keller  Fornes

Head in the Clouds – Andrew Catania

High Signs – Damien Patrik

Hindsight – Randy Lao

HIS FIRST TIME – Angel Violet

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I Felon Love – Calvin J Walker

Icarus in Fort Worth – Ted Fisher

If Only You Were French – Gina Lee Ronhovde

Illusion – “Patrick Langenbeck, Nikola Popovic”

In The Blink – Damien Patrik

In The Name Of Comedy – Jon Hart

Interrogation – Keith Shepro

Invisible Men Invade Earth – David Davis

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Jewish Blind Date – Anaëlle Morf

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Kind of Blue – Josh Hope, Chris Hong

Know They’re Out There – Gina Lee Ronhovde

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Lavey Laveau, “Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No. 1” – Christopher Haines, John Patrick Sellars, Lon Lawson

LI – Laura Reich

London Love – Shaun Cunningham

Lost Luggage – Thomas Burke

LOVE – Franz Galo

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Manifest : Destiny – “TL Westgate, Dale Metz”

Marc Chung Protects His Address – Michael Chan

Marriage – PJ Woodside

Me3 – Jason Baumgardner

Melissa – Cedric Thomas Smith

MY LIFE: The Movie – Bryan Starr

My One and Only (Laura) – JONATHAN MURPHY

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New Age, Olde English – Hayden Croft

Noir Prefers the Shadows – Terri Birnbaum, Chris Parker

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On the 7th Date – Chris Goodwin

Once upon a dream – Anthony Nion

One Cold Night in Virginia – James Humphrey

Oops! – Andre Campbell

Outside The Lines – Joshua Jacobs

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Peaceful Life – Sébastien Bellaval

Perception – Andy Cruz

Phantom of the Truckee River – Mike Lavender

Poison – VT Lithyouvong

PowerPlayz: Songs About Energy! – Paul Bernhard

Prepper – Andrew Patterson

Pubic Enemy/Number Two – Ed Vela

Pyschosis – Ben Venturina

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R U SAFE – Paul Ruven

Rations – Alexander Rhodes-Wilmere

Rebellion – Stephen Burhoe

Reconveyance (Scene 49, What Child Is This) – David  Gutel

Red – Branko Tomovic

Repatriation – Douglas Mueller

Requiem For a Shallow Heart – Nicholas Zebrun

Resolve – Bill Hass

Retrospective – V. Marie

Roadside Assistance – Bears Fonte

Roger – Brendan Cleaves

Room 701 – Isabella Artaza

Rumblings – J Hanna

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Safe Bet – Charlotte Gleason

Scratch – Maninder Chana

Season of Hope – Jason Whittier

Shelved – Brooke Honcharik

Sid and Marge Have a Problem – Cathrine Hatcher

Signs of Humanity – Tim Chumley

Silent Fall – Jarno Lee Vinsencius

Simple – Scott McEntire

Simple Little Kiss – Chad Henninger

Sirocco: Prophecy of Wind – John Taschner

Sketches – Savannah Rodgers

Slow Wallet – Sheridan O’Donnell

Sombras – Alycya Magaña

SPLIT COSTS ~ a story of heartbreak and hope – Jeffrey Blake Palmer

StalkerZ – Damien Patrik

Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex-Trafficking – Sadhvi Siddhali Shree

Strange Fruit – Anjola Coker

STRAW – Tyna Ezenma

Strokes Abroad – Brian Hall

Stuck – Leah Nappi

Summer Cabin  – Sean Feuer

Super Dad! – Maria Pretzl

Super Speed Dates – Neil Schell

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Technology kills love – Silvio Nacucchi

Terminal – Natasha Waugh

Texas Trail Blazer – Myles Smythe

Texican – Ally  West

That is the Question – Rollyn Stafford

That’s Opportunity Knocking – Charles Pelletier

The 5 Year – James Christopher

The Adventures of Lucy – Teddy Valentovich

The Box Boy  – Jesse Salazar III

The Clown  – Kalina de Moura

The Cop Cam  – Isaac Rodriguez

The Dawning – “Dale Metz, TL Westgate”

The Fall – Taylor Cullinane

The Falling – Sumedha Gupta

The Fandango Sisters – Jose Juan Sauceda

The House at the End of the World – Andrew Valentine

The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus – Barry Worthington

The Johnny Starr Story – Israel Varela

The Last Beautiful Girl – James Christopher

The Last Day of Waldo F – Ahmed Mücahid Aydo?an

The Last Hurrah – K. Patrick Tutera

The List – Adrian Hernandez

The Love Suckers – Jim Politano

The Nature of Things – Pamela Chipman

The Next Big Thing – Brody Gusar

The Pickle – Kyle Kleinecke

The Prisoner Of Perdition – Cameron McCasland

The Redeemers – Mukul Gadde

The Root Cellar – Kyle Kleinecke

The Stream  – Isaac Rodriguez

The Texas 72 – Jon Morrison

The Time Machine – Lorne Miller

The Traveler – Franklin Henriksen

The Typical Woman – Sienna  Benton

The Unconventional Gourmet – Wendy Keeling

The Usual Silence – Louis Hunter, Samuel Thomas

The Vanity – Ben Myers

The Watchtower – Steve Silver

Thieves – Carlos Suarez

Thin Lines – Shaan Couture

This Is Tomorrow – Andy Eliot


Thunderdome Documentary – Rob Lehr

Tinker – Sonny Marler

Torres Colony – Alexandra Constantinou

Two Scoops – Eugene Hawkins

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Unchained Love – Israel Marquez

UNPAID – Jesse Salazar III

Unseen – Justin Krul

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Waters of Life – Everton Ferreira de Melo

Welcome To My World – Ching Wang

What Child Is This (Scene 1) – David  Gutel

When Damon Met Angie… – Hugo J. Matz

When he left – David Moragas

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You’ll Never Know – Freddy Rodriguez

Your Move – Rollyn Stafford

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