2017 Awards

Congratulations to the 2017 FWIFS Award Recipients

The complete list is below:

Domestic Foreign InternationalGenre

Audience Choice – Sponsored by the Noble Rey Brewing Co & Humphrey Edwards Films

Feature – Signs of Humanity
Short – Falling South
MicroShort – If Only You Were French

Directors Choice

Dana’s Story
Every Tuesday
I Felon Love
The Johnny Starr Story

Best Overall – Domestic Feature

The 5 Year

Best Overall – Domestic Short

Alternative Math
Requiem For A Shallow Heart
The Usual Silence

Best Overall – Domestic MicroShort

The Box Boy

Best Overall – Foreign Feature

Frazier Park Recut

Best Overall – Foreign Short

Falling South

Best Overall – Foreign MicroShort

In The Blink

Best Overall – International Feature


Best Overall – International Short


Dear Anima


Best Overall – International MicroShort

Silent Fall


Best Domestic Feature – Comedy

The Fandango Sisters

Best Domestic Feature – Drama


Best Domestic Feature – Documentary

Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex Trafficking

Best Domestic Feature – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Ghost Note

Best Domestic Feature – Student

All The Wrong Friends

Best Domestic Short – Comedy – Sponsored by Deep in the Heart Film Festival

Sid and Marge Have a Problem

Best Domestic Short – Drama

Unchained Love

Best Domestic Short – Documentary – Sponsored by EyeCatcher Film Festival

Fly (The Making of Under Your Wing)

Free Harlista

Best Domestic Short – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Roadside Assistance

Best Domestic Short – Student

Fate of Revenge

Best Domestic MicroShort – Comedy

The Box Boy

Best Domestic MicroShort – Drama


Best Domestic MicroShort – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

The Cop Cam

Best Domestic MicroShort – Student


Best Domestic Music Video

London Love

Best Domestic Webisode

Bob & Scooter’s Epic Day


Best Foreign Feature – Comedy

Elijah’s Ashes

Best Foreign Feature – Drama


Best Foreign Feature – Documentary

Thunderdome Documentary

Best Foreign Feature – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Frazier Park Recut

Best Foreign Short – Comedy

That’s Opportunity Knocking

Best Foreign Short –  Drama


Best Foreign Short – Documentary

High Signs

Best Foreign Short – Horror/Thriller/Suspense


The Vanity

Best Foreign Short – Student


Best Foreign MicroShort – Comedy

If Only You Were French

Slow Wallet

Best Foreign MicroShort – Drama

Strange Fruit

Best Foreign MicroShort – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Evocation of a Nightmare

Best Foreign MicroShort – Student

When He Left

Best Foreign Music Video

Lavey Laveau, “Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No.1”

Best Foreign Webisode

Diva’s Perfect Posse: Episode 1.1 Perfect Pumps


Best International Short – Comedy

Once Upon a Dream

Best International Short – Drama – Sponsored by Austin Revolution Film Festival


Best International Short – Student

His First Time

Best International MicroShort – Comedy

Technology Kills Love

Best International MicroShort –

Silent Fall

Best International Music Video

Peaceful Life


Domestic Awareness

Requiem For A Shallow Heart

Every Woman

Falling South

The Future

Atomic Battle Hero Fighters

Simple Little Kiss

Higher Love

The Root Cellar

In This Together


Signs of Humanity

Man’s World

The Usual Silence

Only Human

One Cold Night In Virginia


Outer Limits


Pen and Ink

Dear Anima

There Will Be Blood

Born Again

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The 5 Year

Wild Wild West

The Prisoner of Perdition